If you are a new customer, we will guide you to register an account with an active email address and a phone number that will be verified through WhatsApp. You do not need to register again for future purchases.

Orders will be processed within 1-2 business days during working days, after the payment is completed or successful. Our working hours are from Monday to Friday, and we are off on Saturdays and Sundays. If you make a payment on Saturday or Sunday, we will process it on the following Monday.

  • It is mandatory to include a video proof of the unboxing process without interruptions.
  • The return deadline for products is 3 days after the item is received, based on the system.
  • Do not lose the shipping label form.
  • The returned product must not be in damaged, dirty, or washed condition.
  • Complaints and returns can only be submitted if there is an error on our part.
  • Yes, enter your previously registered phone number, then input the verification code.

    Click on Edit in the Address section > click Add Address > enter the new address you want to add.

    Unfortunately, that's not possible. You have to place separate orders to be shipped to different addresses.

    No, it's not possible. We only ship orders to the address as written.

    Items can only be exchanged if the seller does not deliver according to the order.

    You can add a voucher before completing the payment for your order.

    Click Apply Voucher below the shipping column, then enter the voucher code available on the meccanism.id website.

    The payment deadline for you is 2 hours after receiving the payment code. If it exceeds this timeframe, the order will be automatically canceled.

    We will send the tracking number to track your order via email. So, make sure that when you register, you enter the correct and active email address.

    If the order has already been paid for, then the order cannot be canceled.